conversate is not a word.

and while i’m at it, here are some other made up and/or over-used words, phrases i think need to be banished from our vocabulary and everyday useage:

1. the term foodie. especially when one refers to oneself as a foodie. the best turn of phrase i’ve heard lately is from my 4 year-old niece, who, upon asking her if she was a foodie, promptly replied, “no, i’m a dessertie.” unfortunately, though that IS adorable, it’s not a term that’s really sweeping the nation as steadily as foodie. oh well.

2. anything being touted as the new anything, but this is pretty funny. par example:

  • green is the new black.
  • gourmet is the new everyday. (it’s even worse when it rhymes.)
  • local is the new organic.
  •  no tattoo is the new tattoo.
  • 40 is the new 30. (i’m all for feeling young at heart, but this is wishful thinking.)

3. “green” when referring to something that is environmentally friendly or eco-friendly or sustainable.  where did this come from? we can just call something “green” and that means it’s good for the environment? that doesn’t mean it’s good, that means it’s been marketed well. 

4. i still hate when people spell shop with 2 p’s and an e (shoppe.) unless it has a “ye olde” in front of it, but, let’s be honest, i hate that even more.

5. think “outside the box.” this one just goes without saying.

6. the adjective amazing. to me, this word is a superlative and should be reserved for truly incredible things. i realize opinions vary, but i don’t like being constantly oversold on things that are rather mediocre or, at best, pretty good. 

7. TBD


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  1. BECCA

    i abhore the word “nosh”, especially when its used over 25 times in every magazine i look at! maybe i should read better mags

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