i’m a terrible blogger…or am i?

bloggingnot blogging.i don’t feel compelled to blog when i have nothing to share, therefore, i don’t post every day. but then sometimes i post multiple items in the same day. perhaps i’m a lousy blogger.

but, i’ve often thought that the nightly news really should only be as long as it needs to be. as soon as they decided it was to be a 30 minute block, we got lots of fluff and unnecessary ridiculous local color about nothing. how about, if there are three major events to report and it takes 6 1/2 minutes to report them, then today’s newscast is 6 1/2 minutes long? i realize that’s never going to happen, at this point in the media game, but it makes sense to me, with our continually shortening attention spans. we can read what news we want when we want it, so who actually sits in front of the tv for 30 minutes to find out the weather, that someone’s cat was rescued from a tree yesterday and a local chic is one of 400 “finalists” for American Idol?

i guess my blogging style is in line with my personal conversation style: i talk when i have something to say, and i write when i have something to write. i would have more to share if i could figure out how to get a media player on WordPress, but this seems to be an impossible feat. i might have to change things up, for that very reason.

happy friday!


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