not just another rant about varmints

BabySquirrelin fact, not a rant at all! this morning i awoke to discover three teeny, pink hairless baby squirrels in the backyard. they looked like this little guy, and no, i did not rescue them and put em on a white fluffy towel, set the lighting just right, and snap this photo. (i searched “baby squirrel” and found that someone ELSE had done that.)

so, initially, i thought, “i can save these guys! they’re still breathing! maybe mama didn’t MEAN to kick them out of the nest! maybe she loves them and wants them back!” then i remembered, squirrels are everywhere. baby anythings make me want to help and save them, but, really? i’m not going to put three day old squirrels in a shoe box and nurse them with a medicine dropper so they can grow up big and strong and eat my tomatoes. it’s the circle of life, and i really want their mama  to come back for them, and i will keep the dogs away and hope that she does. but it’s not like a it’s a bald eagle baby.

OK, but i did search “baby squirrel” to see if there was anything i could maybe do to give them the best odds. the search returned some info about wildlife rehabilitation, a few stories about people nursing baby rats, and this riveting video of a woman who keeps bushy-tailed rodents in her cleavage. all of this led me to one conclusion: people are weird.


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