goshdarnitawwshucks i love me some npr and some avett brothers.


music — live music especially — is absolutely one of my biggest passions, and i’m pretty open to most genres. i can usually find something positive to say about any live performance. i just love music, and i’ve had way more spiritual moments at concerts than in church, so that’s something.

i understand some people might not dig the avett brothers — too banjo-y, too twangy, too different. but as my brother can always, somehow, some way, find something good to say about a movie that i loathed, i hope the truth in the avett brothers’ music might be a common ground for all. even if you hate the banjo or southern accents or kick drums…jeez, how could anybody hate the kick drum?i and love and you                                                                     you can listen to the entire album, which  officially comes out 9/29, on npr’s website right now. i believe it’s some good dinner-cookin music, personally.




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3 responses to “goshdarnitawwshucks i love me some npr and some avett brothers.

  1. Brother

    Movies that I hate:

    1. The Thin Red Line
    2. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
    3. Babette’s Feast (but only because of the role the reference has assumed in our family dynamic. I don’t actually remember seeing it.)

  2. localgirlie

    ha — my list is longer, and it begins with waiting to exhale, starring former(?) crackhead, whitney houston.

    • You may find it interesting that RottenTomatos.com released a list of the 100 worst films of the decade. The 1st on my list (Ballistic) is their worst, too. Their 2nd worst is….One Missed Call, which you may recall I had a little something to do with. Oh well, large checks keep rolling in, so maybe the rankings help business…

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