life is too short to eat lousy food.

there are loads of good reasons to cut out saturated fat, salt, and sugar in your day-to-day cooking. but taking out the butter and cheese in maccaroni & cheese? absolutely not. 


mac & cheese is like really good ice cream; i’d rather have delicious, real ice cream every now and then than have frozen yogurt every night of the week. in the same spirit, i’d much prefer really, really, really good mac & cheese  made with gruyere, cheddar, peccorino, heavy cream, and BUTTER every once and awhile than have low-fat or so-so mac & cheese once a week. sure, you can make this classic side dish with fat free milk, lowfat cheddar and “cheese” from the ubiquitous green can, but, why? why would you DO that? the way i see it, a handful of times a year, allow yourself to embrace that mac & cheese is, more often than not, considered a “vegetable” in the South, and enjoy it. just don’t enjoy it every day.

to quote a famous comedian, “you can drive a car with your feet, but that don’t make it a a good fuckin’ idea!” bring on the fall weather, and the stick to your ribs deliciousness that comes along with it.


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