purple sweet potato gnocchi

my cooking philosophy basically goes like this: look up several recipes, take what you like from each one and then concoct something based on what you remember from your reading. this is not, however, recommended when baking. cooking can be a delicious experiment, but baking is an exact science.

anyone can make gnocchi! just don’t use too much flour, and saute it in lots of butter.

bake 4 medium-average potatoes either in the oven or microwave. (I used purple sweet potatoes because i knew they would be tasty and the color is just fun.) when they’re good and soft, scoop out the insides and put potato through a potato ricer. (i don’t have a potato ricer, so i used the grater blade on my cuisinart and it worked just fine.) next, put the potato into a bowl and add 2 egg yolks, then start adding flour. you want the dough to be sticky, but workable. knead dough just a bit, and roll out onto a floured surface into footlong-or-so ropes and cut into 3/4 inch pieces. this is where you’re supposed to use the tines of a fork to mark the gnocchi. i didn’t do this because i was really hungry and figured it wasn’t going to affect the taste. i’m pretty sure i was right. they do look much prettier when you roll them against a fork to give them the little notches. if i had an italian grandmother, i’m sure she would be upset that i skipped this step.

gently place your gnocchi into a pot of simmering water. when they float to the top, wait 2 more minutes, then remove them with a slotted spoon or strainer. i put them immediately into a non-stick skillet with plenty of sizzling butter and chopped sage. saute about a minute, sprinkle some fresh parm and you’re done.

the gnocchi freeze quite well, too.gnocchi, pre-boil

gnocchi cooked

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