9 months in the making!

no, i’m not having a baby. don’t be silly. i lose my keys every other day, i couldn’t keep up with a small person. come ON.

check out my new bejeweled cardigan from Old Navy, though. it’s festive.

it's true! i got a new sweater!

it has been 9 months since my last confession–i mean post. one would think there might be pressure to post something really, really good, but my mom is the only person who ever reads this, and i’m sure she has forgotten where she saved the link…she’s more likely to ask when the baby is coming than when i’m going to post again on my blog. but, i’m in the mood. in the mood to write some stuff, that is. (sorry mom. or, more appropriately, sorry brian.)

so, i’ll be back soon with something hilarious or insightful. wait — i don’t want to oversell it. i’ll be back soon with something mildly interesting. for now, here’s something that makes me laugh out loud.


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One response to “9 months in the making!

  1. Ha! No, your mom’s not the only one. This radio personality thinks you are hilarious. I looked you up because an article came out today in the Wilmington Business Journal. Every time I hear Wilmington, NC combined with Whole Foods, I have a five minute period of spontaneous handstands and toe touches. Brings me back to my 20s when I use to frequent Whole Foods on Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans. Aaahhhh, the memories. But I digress. Fun blog you got here. Hope WFM does some advertising on Sunny 104.5. Definitely would be proud to brag and brag about it and hear the ad on our station! Looking forward to Summer 2012!

    Sheila Brothers
    The Craig and Sheila Show
    Sunny 104.5 FM / CBS-10 WILM

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