what should my starbucks name be?

i love starbucks, but i think it’s ridiculous that they have to write my name on the cup every time. it’s even more ridiculous that some of the cashiers feel a need to ask me how to spell my name. the cheery barista is likely going to mis-pronounce it anyway, so does it really matter if you spell it right? bill, behind me, is gettin’ antsy. just give me my latte. and let’s face it, it’s way more fun for me to let you come up with your own spelling, which is why i have an archive of starbucks cup photos, that i will now share. but waht should my starbucks name be? i’m thinking “jenny.”

i like to proclaim, "DELICIOSO!" upon receipt of my beverage. then i run out the door yelling, "There's so much MORE to EXPLORE!"

sometimes, i mix it up and get tea. sometimes, they spell my name with a T.

i don't even understand this.


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One response to “what should my starbucks name be?

  1. BB

    I read it too 🙂 and love it! Especially that link you posted in the last one… totally laughed out loud, by myself!

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