There’s no crying on Thursdays. Oh wait…

Thursday night, Brian usually comes home to find me bawling on the couch with a glass of red wine. He looks at me and says, “Parenthood?” I reply, “Yes. The music…and Christina…and Hattie came back…and oh my god it was so great. it’s so great. I can’t believe you don’t want to watch it.”

Thursdays are, in fact, a joyous and needed evening for me. I love my man. He is great. We just spent 2 weeks together on vacation, had fun and didn’t kill each other. Thursdays, though, are different. Thursdays are my time. He eats when the clock says it’s time to eat. I eat when I’m hungry.One of the simple pleasures of being an adult is eating cereal or ice cream for dinner and maybe washing it down with a glass of wine, if that’s what I want. Sometimes maybe that’s what I do on Thursday.

Thursday night is soccer night. The boys play soccer and I typically drink red wine and catch up on two things: Modern Family and Parenthood. I have to screen these shows together on the same night so that I don’t spin off the planet in a stream of tears — both tears of laughter and tears of crying actual sad-but-it’s-so-good tears. Modern Family is hilarious to the point that I sometimes rewind scenes and watch them again. I watched episodes in Spain last year, laughing hysterically. And I don’t even speak Spanish! Parenthood is different. Ughh. When I first started watching it — the quippy, fast-talking or everybody-talk-at-once scenes drove me crazy, but now, I’m in. And more than that, I SO look forward to my Thursday DVR nights.

We all need our own time, and sometimes we need a good cry. And mint chocolate chip ice cream and Pinot Noir isn’t really as bad as it sounds.



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