About twisu

this is me.at some point in my life–around 2001, maybe–i met a guy while i was sitting at a bar. when i stood up to say goodbye, he looked very surprised and said, “you’re much taller when you stand up.” it has continued to be one of the funnier things anyone has ever said to me; what a weird thing to say. it’s kind of in the same vein as the guy i played softball with in college who, upon seeing me on campus one day, said, “oh, i didn’t recognize you — you’re wearing different clothes.” 

people are funny.

so, just a few of my favorite things are music, food and travel. i live in atlanta. some say i might be too old to be buying concert tickets and jetting off for random weekends, but i don’t particularly like those people. for some reason, i attract really, really strange folks who say ridiculous things and my friend, phil is continually shocked and amazed at this. i thought i’d see what the blog world thinks of me and see if i have the discipline to stick with it for more than a minute. a large part of me (mainly in the right knee to mid-thigh area,) thinks it’s completely ridiculous that you would be remotely interested in what i do, where i go, or what tastes good to me. another part of me is apparently vain enough to find out if,  perhaps, you are.


4 responses to “About twisu

  1. Bluegirlie

    I am remotely interested. At least my left elbow is. Good stuff.

  2. You had me at the title. Lots of good nuggets in random thoughts and opinions, good life characters that enrich your life. Tell us about Lola!

  3. I’m a proud #3! Just found your blog from FB. Love it! Keep up the dedication. It’s really hard to stay with it, speaking from sometimes excruciating experience. Ok, maybe a bit of an exageration. Anyway, hi!

  4. Julie

    I think you’re funny and you make me laugh. Keep it up D! 🙂

    Oooh…maybe this is where you should document all the ways coffee shops write your name on the cup!?!?

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